Friday, December 5, 2008

a WTF? moment

Yesterday morning, I came downstairs to find my roomate on the couch watching Spongebob after pulling an all-nighter. Since I had time to eat breakfast, I sat down with her. Spongebob was fairly entertaining, but I think the infomercial I saw was moreso:

I laughed quite hard. Basically, the Snuggie is a backwards robe. The commercial is badly made and the concept is a bit inane. I figured I'd post it here as a laugh. Well, in searching for the product, I found a lot of posts of people actually praising the product. WHAT? Not only that, but apparently it's on backorder at the moment!

I am flabbergasted that a blanket with sleeves is actually intriguing enough to people that they would buy it. I mean, put on a sweater if your arms are cold! Yes, it is probably comfortable, but it looks ridiculous and is a "solution" to a problem that never really existed or already had solutions to go with it.

I think the biggest problem I have with the Snuggie is that it is another wasteful product put on the market that no one really needs. There are bathrobes and sweaters. Also, your hands are still going to get cold. Sometimes it's disgusting how consumerism runs rampant in this country.

In conclusion: I can't beleive that something so ridiculous has got me thinking quite so seriously. I just wanted a good laugh!

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