Thursday, April 30, 2009

Money Shot

It'd be awesome if these were real. Click the image for a close up.

Now this is what ID is all about

My first real 3D rendering, after a semester's worth of tutorials and hours of frustration. I am actually very surprised at how much I truly learned. Hopefully I'll be able to retain it over break.

This is a redesign of the Zem noise canceling ear plugs, developed in Syracuse.

I'll be working on the money shot tonight.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Thanks to Netflix, I have been watching my fair share of Golden-Era musicals. I attempted Brigadoon tonight, but got bored. Fortuantely, TCM is showing Bye Bye Birdie:

I am enjoying this a lot more. I love the innuendos that are thrown in during Hollywood Code-era movies. Especially when referencing Elvis and rock and roll. I just watched the South Park episode about the Jonas Brothers, which makes it all come full circle. Pop music is all about teenage girls and sexuality, whether the producers would like to admit it or not.

Of course, Bye Bye Birdie is not as good as
Oliver! which I managed to watch three times last week, thanks to my roomate falling asleep every time.

I still have yet to get all the way through Fiddler on the Roof, though I know all the songs by heart. We have both the Broadway and Film soundtracks on record at home.

Sometimes it's just nice to have something light and bubblegummy to watch.

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Weather

I only have one more class tomorrow, then a few finals and projects standing between me and the summer. Speaking of which, it felt like summer today. 90 degrees in april? That's just as strange as a blizzard at this time. The magnolia's are blooming, the tulips are budding, my fan is out of its box.

I generally don't discuss the weather, as I find it to be the most bothersome small talk, but I have been working a lot with it lately. Here is part what I've made so far:

A few cards that are part of a weather game. Collect all the different categories (the different color stripes) and make a certain kind of weather. The one above is a sunny day, much like today's (with the exception of the temperature).

More of this project as the week progresses.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A lack of updates... just indicative of the fact that I have been busy as a bee of late. Finals are closing in. I have quite a few papers and projects to bust through.

I think I am most excited for a project where I have to make this:

more understandable to people. Should be pretty cool. Have a lovely weekend.

Friday, April 3, 2009


This is manifestation #1 of this project. I think it may be drastically changing this weekend. As a group, four of us chose a piece and music and divided it into sections. This is 2:00-3:00. The song is Steve Reich's "Groove Machine." Just sort of the landscape I imagined from listening. I wish the song was on Youtube. I shall have to do some digging.

Have a lovely weekend!