Sunday, February 15, 2009

Save Some Words

I wish my vocabulary included some of these words. Trajectitious? Essomenic? Quaeritate?

I wish the FAQ section was updated. It's a really cool site, but the full purpose isn't entirely outlined. I'm assuming the words have been removed from the Oxford English Dictionary?

I made a logo of sorts this weekend:

I just wanted to do something quick that showed a little bit of personality. Why a bunny? Well, I spent a good deal of my life assuming that I was born in the Year of the Dragon, only to find out that my January birthday meant I was a rabbit. No offense to them, but dragons are far cooler than rabbits. So, I decided that if I was going to be a rabbit, I'd be a fire-breathing rabbit (with sharp pointy teeth)!

This guy was an honorable mention. A bunch of people said he looks too much like the Donnie Darko rabbit. I personally think he just looks pensive:

Not sure why they're so light. Saving JPEGs from illustrator is quite a pain.

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