Monday, February 23, 2009

A Vote in Favor of Redesign

I guess there's been some sort of hoopla over Tropicana changing their packaging, to a point where they are changing it back to the original. First, if people are going to complain about a Pepsi Co. redesign, then why not look at the Pepsi soda redesign. Of the two, I'd say that's the more "generic" looking.

The funny thing is, I've come to realize even more so that I live in a design bubble. Everyone I've talked to likes the new packaging. At the same time, everyone I've talked to is a design student who also noted the change. Why do I like the packaging? It's clean, but still has playful touches, like the green leaf dotting the "i." I also love the glass on the front, which invokes the daily breakfast ritual better than an orange with a straw. I guess the original orange image was too realistic and straightforward for my taste. A package doesn't need to scream its message: a simple mix of color and words works fine. Especially for orange juice, which isn't trying to be "extreme!" or "bold!" or anything silly like that. Orange juice isn't loud, and the new packaging conveyed that.

Ah well, I'll just have to buy a carton or two and save it to enjoy on my own.

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