Friday, October 3, 2008

On My Mind

Probably my most prized possession, darling Harold the Ross Europa 2 I bought last summer. Poor Harold has been out in the rain twice this week and his chain has been protesting far too much. Hopefully, the bike lube Travis left is still around. Harold also needs some air in his tires. I am a horrible biker. I wish there were classes about how to take care of your bike.

My house has lots of spiders (there was a Daddy Long-Legs skeleton behind my nightstand), but none like this:
(sculpture by Louis Bourgeois)

I just found out that a band I very much enjoy has broken up. Sparrows Swarm and Sing is one of those bands that I saw once, really loved, and then stumbled across the music again two years later "Across Canyons/Canons" is 25 minutes of musical heaven that I find myself going back to every few weeks. I just love the movement in it, and that I always forget what will come next.

I saw Sparrows Swarm and Sing in high school, on a rainy night in a youth center. I was there to see another band, and my friends had left to go get food. Wanting to actually get my moneys worth, I stuck around to watch the opener, who seemed to have every instrument imaginable in front of them. This was before I discovered Explosions in the Sky and all those other instrumental bands, so I was completely blown away. I'm sorry it was an experience I'll only have one. Here's their myspace. For some reason, the tracks are separated, but I have "Across Canyons/Canons" mixed with "Father Death Mother Nature."

Listen, enjoy, have a good weekend.

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