Monday, October 20, 2008

What Happens When I Forget an Eraser and Am Too Lazy To Find One...

Just sketching out my idea for Intaglio, sans eraser, which is a must in my world. I ended up tracing the good parts on the light table. I really like her legs. Will scan the finished product next week, and hopefully my other two, once my prof returns them.

Doodling during class tonight. I'm really liking the two-tone mix. I'll need to buy some more staedtler triplus markers soon.
Type is coming along slowly. I'm really digging these three letters, but the rest need a lot of work. We're making posters from them, printed off the department's new plotter. Of course, hanging in the print studio has made me think in printing press terms, which might not turn out as well via a plotter.

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